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In Youtube. Many of us have already become accustomed to using timestamps when commenting on a video and, above all, when sharing it to take those who click on the link to a precise moment. Something that Spotify just brought in for their podcasts through its applications for Android and iOS.

This functionality we can put it into practice by using the option to share an episode. At that time, we will have the option to choose to share it with the current playing time. If we do so, whoever receives the link will arrive directly at that timestamp.

Spotify now allows you to share exact moments of the podcasts with timestamps, although it still has room to continue evolving and end up falling in love with the 'hard users'

It is a way to send someone to a specific moment in a podcast without the need to indicate the timing and make him look for that moment. With just one click, everything is done for the receiver.

Improvements shouldn't stop at Spotify podcasts

Spotify is growing a lot, over the last two years, thanks to podcasts. Going beyond music and embracing this audio format has made a quarter of its users listen to these programs on the platform and their exclusive productions have something to talk about. In fact, the bet is strong: in these couple of years they have spent close to 1,000 million dollars.

However, despite the fact that the platform continues its fight to become a reference in this sector and a leader in its distributionFeatures like the one announced today need to be further improved to catch up with specialized applications that are ahead of the game in functionality for the most loyal podcast listeners.

Some of the most interesting features of Pocket Casts

Some of the most interesting features of Pocket Casts.

Eight services and apps to listen to podcasts used by the editors of Genbeta and Webedia

We think of options like chapters that have applications such as Pocket Casts, which allow dividing the same episode into easily accessible YouTube-style parts, as well as others that can help improve the experience: the suppression of moments of silence, the volume balancing, the possibility of establishing a fixed time position for starting episodes of a certain podcast to skip the header or the possibility of configuring the automatic download of the last episode of a podcast as soon as it comes out.

And in relation to the option to share launched today, a step further that could make a difference when it comes to sharing moments from a podcast on social networks: the possibility of sharing a true fragment, the sound between two moments, through an audio or video uploaded to a social network or instant messaging platform. What in this example, an audio sharing made through another great application dedicated to podcasts, Overcast.

They are quite specific functionalities, probably used mostly only by hard users, but what are especially useful and become practically essential once you put them into practice.

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