This Chinese mobile will mount a huge 13,200mAh battery, triple the capacity of the usual

A manufacturer like Ulefone, known for its niche phones, will teach us again in 2021 what autonomy is on a smartphone.

If someone does not know Ulefone, you should know that the Chinese manufacturer likes to differentiate itself with titanic mobiles, from the toughest in the industry to those with the most battery of the entire Android catalog, anticipating already for this 2021 one more step in these power banks to mobiles stuck.

In fact, this Ulefone Power Series He has never deceived anyone with his name, because his secret is in the energy, and now he is preparing to receive, as the GizmoChina colleagues told us, a new member with a gigantic 13,200 mAh battery that we could add directly to the market records.

Ulefone Power Series

The 'teaser' of Ulefone does not confuse anyone, and these 13,200 mAh will satisfy many.

What the Ulefone guys don't say anything about, who have leaked this teaser to warm up the atmosphere, it is what will be the thickness of this terminal and what weight are we talking about, because here it does apply this thinking rather in a power bank with screen and connectivity than on a smartphone.

A manufacturer already used to standing out for its niche mobiles like Ulefone, now surprises with a new Ulefone Power that will arrive very soon with a huge battery, no less than 13,200 mAh.

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It will be a suitable phone for the most adventurous on their outings to the field, because such a battery promises autonomies of between 3 and 5 days for normal use without ruffling too much, and also for those who at work or in their daily life require ultra-intensive use that eats up the battery of your current smartphone. And I'm not looking at Pokémon Go or Ingress fans ...

What is clear is that your design will be industrial just like that of the Ulefone Power, Ulefone Power 2, Ulefone Power 3 or Ulefone Power 5S that have been on the market for a long time, a couple of years for this latest iteration that already had 13,000 mAh, and that will have considerable size and weight and not adaptable to all uses.

Furthermore, we also know that could have Power Delivery technology so that the device can charge other terminals directly, serving as a kind of power reservoir for additional accessories.

What It has not transpired is the exact date of presentation nor much less of commercialization, because the teaser does not indicate anything and Ulefone has not released a pledge about this new generation of its Power Series, what it could raise its numbering like Ulefone Power 6 and that should arrive in the next few weeks.

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