This alarm clock app charges you for every extra minute you spend in bed

We are not going to fool ourselves, it is very difficult for all of us to get up early in the morning to go to class or to work. Personally, I am one of those who set the alarm at a specific time and when it goes off I postpone it several times "5 minutes". In the end, I end up getting up half an hour later.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this could come to an end and is that some Japanese have developed a most curious app. For every minute that we are still in bed after the alarm goes off, the app will charge us. This way if we don't want to lose money we will have no choice but to jump out of bed at the first ring of our beloved alarm clock.

Sleeping will be expensive with this app

alarm clock

If you don't wake up on time, you will lose money.

It is called Mezamee and its operation is much simpler than one can imagine. How does Mezamee know we got out of bed? When downloading the app, we will have to establish the location of our house. If at a certain time in the morning the application does not detect via GPS that we have moved at least 100 meters from our house, we will begin to charge money as a penalty method.

Japanese users only need to download the app on their smartphone and enter their home address and bank details.

Of course, this app has its drawbacks, especially in these current moments. As many of you already know from your own experience, teleworking is more fashionable than ever so this application is useless for a person who works from home.

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Apparently Mezamee is being a success in Japanese lands and although we do not know if it will go outside its borders, the app developer has already promised new features such as a calendar or the possibility of programming the alarm clock on specific days.

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