These incredible OnePlus wireless headphones can be yours for only 50 euros on AliExpress

The OnePlus Buds have a discount of 39 euros, a golden opportunity to leave behind the annoying cables.

Wireless headphones are already an essential accessory for your mobile, and one of the best models in value for money are the OnePlus Buds. If you want to leave the cables behind, you're in luck, as these good wireless headphones from OnePlus are on sale for only 50 euros on AliExpress.

The original price of the OnePlus Buds is 89 euros, so we are talking about a discount of 39 euros in Chinese trade. You will do this with headphones with a beautiful design, balanced sound quality and outstanding autonomy. Let's learn more about these OnePlus Buds on sale.

Buy the cheapest OnePlus Buds

The OnePlus Buds have a design similar to that of the AirPods.

The OnePlus Buds stand out, first of all, for a beautiful design and a reduced size in the charging case that facilitates its transport. Have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, so you can pair it with your mobile - it doesn't matter if it's not OnePlus - to enjoy a fast and stable connection.

In terms of sound, these wireless headphones are equipped with a 13.4 mm driver, which allows them to offer a balanced and pleasant sound, with not very saturated bass and good tone separation. In addition, they have a noise cancellation system It does a great job, the same level that microphones offer when it comes to capturing sound.

Finally, the OnePlus Buds are a great option in the market for their performance in terms of autonomy, as they can work up to 30 hours combining the battery of the headphones themselves plus that of the charging case. To this we add the outstanding fast charge, capable of extending the life of the wireless headphones a few 10 hours on a charge of just 10 minutes.

In short, the OnePlus are headphones that offer a lot for very little, and now they can be yours for only 50 euros on AliExpress. We remember that its official price is 89 euros, so it is an offer that is difficult to reject. You can learn more about the OnePlus Buds in our analysis and on the OnePlus website.

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