these are the new interfaces that have begun to reach users

Google continues to redesign its applications. After launching the new interface of the Play Store last April, it now seems that it is the turn of Google Weather Y Gboard

Google seems to be implementing gradually, or in the testing phase, new layouts for your weather app and for your keyboard, as the new interface is not available to everyone yet. They have only been activated for a small number of users.

Google Weather

Google Weather

Since Google Weather It arrived more than five years ago, the application of the time that is hidden in our mobiles has not changed its interface, so it continues with the design but beginning of Material Design.

With this weather application you can see how the weather affects you thanks to its customization

Now Google has started to activate a small redesign in order to Weather, in which they replace the side hamburger menu with the new search bar that integrate our profile. By clicking on our profile we will have access to its menu with the options to change the temperature units, add a direct access to the desktop or manage our Google account.


In the case of Gboard We see how Google continues to test another new interface for its keyboard. This time they are applying the rounded design of Material You, the new interface of Android 12.

This translates to we have the new source Google Sans which replaces Roboto, with slightly larger letters, and that the "? 123" and "Enter / Search" buttons are now rounded. The bar will also be rounded if we show the keyboard with its border design.

Gboard Interface Old / current Gboard layout

Gboard Interface New Gboard design

This new keyboard interface is appearing to users with Android 11 and Android 12, and the design seems to be not exclusive to the Pixels, as users with a OnePlus report having received the new design.

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