These are the arguments of Google Photos so that you do not leave

The free unlimited storage of Google Photos will say goodbye very soon, specifically on June 1. It does not say goodbye to its gratuity, that is clear, says goodbye to being able to store unlimited photos as it happened until now as long as we choose to upload images in a slightly lower quality than the original.

Before the change, we can take measures to prepare ourselves, look for alternatives for all our multimedia files or only for a part such as videos, for example, and check how much time we have left until we have to pay. OR, Faced with the difficulty of finding an ideal alternative or almost, stay in Google Photos. That is what Mountain View seeks by adding to the benefits of the service a series of tools that will make it easier and more effective to use, as well as clearly explaining what is going to happen.

Google has launched a tool that helps us get rid of bad photos and make room for new ones

Your current photos and videos don't count

Google wants users to be clear that photos and videos uploaded before June 1 do not count. Namely, files that you have backed up to Google Photos before the aforementioned date will not be taken into account in the 15 GB (or whatever you have) of free storage. The photos and videos that you upload from June will.

A tool to remove bad photos

The company, trying not to leave Google Photos completely, promised that by June was going to launch a free tool that will allow us to search and review our blurry, dark or low quality photos so that we can erase them and increase available storage. And it is already here.

Most alternatives to Google Photos are light years away in terms of features

From the backup settings of Google Photos we can see, thanks to this utility, the space occupied by the service itself, Drive, Gmail and other Mountain View products, consult the estimate of how long the storage of which will last us now we will talk ... and, The grace of the tool, free up space in the cloud by removing blurry photos, screenshots or large videos quickly. The dream of those of us who compulsively make and save photos without paying too much attention to the result.

Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage Will Say Goodbye Very Soon - Here's What I'm Doing To Get Ready

You have a lot of time ahead of you until you run out of storage

Storage time in Google Photos

Another of the arguments that Google intends to use so that users do not flee from the multimedia storage service due to the possibility that they cannot use it and have to go through the checkout is to make them see that, in reality, they have a long way to go to exhaust the space. And they are already doing it through a small utility, as we mentioned at the beginning.

Accessing this address, although we can also go to this space from Google Photos when checking the available storage, Google will tell us in a personalized way how long until we exhaust the available storage. This is an approximate calculation that it performs based on our particular uses, based on the frequency with which we make backup copies of content, beyond photos and videos, in our account.

Google estimates that 8 out of 10 users will not have to pay for 3 years

This is how I have made my own Google Photos with a NAS and a personal cloud: this is my experience

Google can estimate, for example, that to fill 10 free GB there is "about 1 year". In other cases it may be more, in others less ... or it may even indicate - it has happened to us - that "unfortunately, at this time we cannot calculate how long your storage space will last for you".

This calculation is offered because, according to the company's estimates, 8 out of 10 users will not have to pay for 3 years. And, naturally, they don't want them to leave.

The main asset: Google Photos itself

Google Photos on multiple devices

The main trick played by those from Mountain View, the great argument for users not to leave is the service itself: Google Photos.

Unfortunately, although there are slightly similar alternatives on the market, most are light years away in terms of features. Especially with regard to the power of the service's search engine to find photos with certain motifs, as well as its fluidity, practicality, perfect operation with Android, and so on.

To this the dependency ratio is added that many of us have established with the platform. Thousands of saved photos, a perfect adjustment to the way it works, dozens of albums shared with other people ... are reasons to avoid the change and even end up paying for a Google One cloud storage plan.

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