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these are all the premieres of may

Pluto TV the live television platform over the Internet that arrived in Spain at the end of October 2020, continues to expand its offer with new channels. And, as it was scheduled for this May 3, 2021, today two novelties are released.

The new channels Tuning Y VH1 Classics They are now available for free to all PlutoTV users, and two more channels are expected on May 17: Garfield and Classic Anime.

News from Pluto TV in Spain for May 2021

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The first channel, Tuning, is for motor lovers Enjoy reliving the classic MTV Tuning featuring rapper Xzibit. The second, VH1 Classics, is the popular music channel in which we can enjoy the successes of artists such as Queen, Metallica, The Police, REM, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, the Spice Girls and Madonna.

Both channels can now be enjoyed from the Pluto TV application on all available platforms and also from the web. You can quickly access them if you visit the section New on Pluto TV.

In addition to today's news, for May 17 Pluto TV will premiere Garfield's channel, one entirely dedicated to episodes of the famous cat cartoon series created by Jim Davis. In addition, the chapters have been remastered to offer the highest quality.

That same day, a channel called Classic Anime will also premiere that will bring with it content for otakus, with series like Keroro, Ninja Hattori, Kochikame, Kiteretsu, Jewelpet or Reborn.

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With the May additions, Pluto TV reaches 60 free channels. Closer and closer to the 100 channels they promised by the time 2021 was ending.