the worst copy of GTA you can play on Android

Go To Town V is a terrible copy of GTA V that is not worth downloading.

Although years ago they were criticized for their simple and casual nature, The truth is that today we can find hundreds of high quality video games in the Android application store.

So much so that even large developers that only focused on desktop platforms or portable consoles, like Nintendo, Square Enix or Microsoft have seen in smartphones a place to profit.

Now, in the Play Store not everything is gold that glitters since we can also find a lot of trash. This is the case of Go To Town 5, a game that suspiciously looks a lot like one of the biggest titles of recent years on its packaging but actually leaves a lot to be desired.

Go to Town 5: don't waste your time downloading this bad copy of GTA

Go To Town V

Forget this cheeky copy of GTA V

The GTA or Grand Theft Auto saga is one of the players' favorites, especially its latest installment, which today is one of the best-selling games in the world. GTA V is available for many platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox or computers although unfortunately it cannot be purchased on a smartphoneAlthough we can play it on the screen of our smartphone thanks to applications such as PS4 Remote Play.

Hence, many developers have wanted to release their own GTA V for smartphones as is the case with this Go To Town V, a title that looks really good but is not really worth wasting time downloading.

Go To Town 5 promises us to hang around a big city while driving cars and motorcycles or piloting helicopters. There is also the possibility of swimming and going by train, all while we are completing the different missions that are entrusted to us.

The reality is that the resemblance to Grand Theft Auto V is null. Obviously we cannot compare a game of the size of GTA V with this mobile title but the truth is that the one who is being compared is the developer himself who even gave it a similar name to the Rockstar game.

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As they say in the comments of the Play Store, the game is really boringThere are hardly any people on the street, we cannot change clothes or enter establishments, much less fight with other citizens.

Actually Go To Town 5 is nothing more than a simple decoy so that the user who is looking for something similar to GTA chop and buy this terrible game. We already warned you, before wasting time with this, download any of these games that we leave you below. You will not regret it.

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