The weirdest thing you'll see today is this Xiaomi speaker with a roll-up screen

This patent shows a Xiaomi device with a roll-up screen.

In the world of technology either you innovate or you are dead. Xiaomi knows about this and that is why it has just presented a patent that shows what would a new terminal with a roll-up screen look like which could work as a smart speaker.

The design, as we read in LetsGoDigital, was announced in China almost a year ago but has not been approved until this week. And listen to us, it is complete madness.

This new Xiaomi patent has left us completely crazy

Xiaomi Mi Alpha R, XIaomi's first roll-up mobile

Will it be a speaker or a smartphone?

While folding screens in mobile terminals are the future, the problems of this technology are not exactly few. This Xiaomi patent ... could it be the solution?

As we can see in the image shown, it is a device with a cylindrical shape that more than a smartphone, looks like a smart speaker. In its upper part it has a button and in the rear part cameras.

The screen unfolds from the cylinder and can be reintroduced when we are not using it. For example, if we want to listen to music at the same time we watch a video, we will take it out. If we just want to listen to music, we'll keep it inside. The loudspeaker is located in the lower part of the terminal, although its power is not specified in the patent.

Xiaomi patent roll-up screen

This patent shows a Xiaomi device with a roll-up screen

Although LetsGoDigital calls this patent "smartphone", the truth is that it is much more similar to a bluetooth speaker or smart speaker like the HomePod mini or the Echo from Amazon.

Of course and as we always say, that Xiaomi has registered a patent with this design It does not mean that we will see an electronic device of these characteristics in the near future.

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