the 'vacation mode' arrives in the Android beta

It has cost, but it seems that one of the most anticipated options of WhatsApp is just around the corner. The call holiday mode, the option that will allow us to keep conversations archived even if new messages arrive, has arrived in a staggered way to WhatsApp Beta after more than two years ringing and being filtered last year.

The new File comes to solve a problem that many users faced: they muted a conversation with a contact or in a group, they archived the chat to remove them from the main view ... but when receiving a new message it would reappear at the top of the section Chats. Something that can be even more annoying, for example, when WhatsApp groups are used for work purposes, for example.

The permanence of archived conversations in the WhatsApp archive, even when new messages arrive, is getting closer and closer

Archived chats will remain archived at last

The new 'Files' section seen in WhatsApp Beta

The new 'Files' section seen in WhatsApp Beta. / 'Xataka Android'

The behavior that archived chats had until now will change. Activating the new functionality, we will see that to access the file we will no longer have to scroll to the end of the conversation list, but this section will appear at the beginning of it and with a number on the right it will indicate if we have new messages , How many.

If we agree, as we can see in the captures of our colleagues from Engadget Android, the section itself will give us the good news: "To reduce interruptions, archived chats will stay in this location with their notifications turned off". The archived chats, finally, will remain archived even if we receive new messages in them.

WhatsApp will allow us to return to the previous behavior from the configuration options

This way you can know if they have read your WhatsApp messages even if the double blue tick is deactivated

Nevertheless, this feature can be disabled well entering the settings of the section File or to the configuration options of the application, in the part of Chats, thus recovering the usual behavior of WhatsApp: every time there is a new message in an archived chat, it will return to the main view unarchiving.

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