the Trojan that can empty your account and that is capable of bypassing the Google Play controls

TeaBot is able to bypass security controls, take control of your SMS and record your screen.

In recent times, malware is proliferating on Android in the form of banking trojans and after Flubot, which we already talked about recently, comes TeaBot, a virus that can empty your account and it is even capable of bypassing the Google Play Store controls.

Teabot is a new banking Trojan that can leave us without savings

Teabot is a new banking Trojan that can leave us without savings

This new banking Trojan follows a strategy similar to Flubot

Thanks to a report published by Cleafy, an Italian cybersecurity and online fraud prevention company, we have learned the existence of a new banking malware aimed at Android mobiles called TeaBot that steals the credentials and SMS messages of users of banking entities in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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This new banking Trojan is in its early stages of development and although its activity was known since the month of January, the first attacks on financial applications occurred at the end of March and have recently been detected more serious attacks on banks in Belgium and the Netherlands.

This new virus for mobile devices continues a strategy very similar to Flubot's, by sending a fraudulent SMS message posing as courier companies such as MRW or UPS in which we are told that we have a package pending to collect.

When clicking on the link that comes in the text message, a web page very similar to MRW's is opened and it asks us to let's install an application from outside the Play Store to track our package.

When installing this app what we are doing is grant you accessibility permissions to this banking Trojan.

TeaBot takes advantage of this access to our smartphone to record keystrokes, take screenshots and superimpose on our banking applications so steal our passwords and credit card information.

Like Flubot, this new banking malware can bypass the google app review system, called Google Play Protect, intercept the verification SMS messages that our bank sends us and even access the codes of the Google Authenticator double authentication.

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In the event that we are affected by this scam, the first thing we must do is contact our bank to reset the access codes and thus, prevent criminals from emptying our bank account.

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