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Fnac is still obliged to deliver more than 12,000 Huawei P30 sold at 130 euros, or a mobile with similar characteristics.

Last month we reported on the decision of the National Consumer Arbitration Board, which forced Fnac to deliver more than 12,000 Huawei P30s sold to a price much lower than usual due to a bug that many consumers were able to take advantage of.

But case still gives something to talk about, since as they tell from El País, Fnac will have to deliver mobiles with characteristics similar to those of the Huawei P30 to buyers, given the unavailability of the Huawei model.

Huawei P30

FNAC will have to deliver more than 12,000 Huawei P30 ... or a similar mobile.

Fnac is committed to delivering mobile phones with characteristics similar to those of the Huawei P30 due to lack of availability

The French chain of stores itself has issued a statement that is committed to complying with the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, which forces them to execute what is indicated in the offer published in October 2019, whereby thousands of buyers purchased a Huawei P30 for a price 500 euros lower at the original price due to human error.

However, the lack of availability of this model has caused certain problems, and the chain is unable to satisfy the demand. However, the National Consumer Arbitration Board has approved the possibility of deliver a device with similar characteristics.

It is unknown what models will be offered to consumers, but presumably the devices offered have a similar price to the almost 700 euros that the Huawei P30 cost at the time of the mistake made by Fnac. In any case, buyers they will not have to pay more money for your new device, and the 125 or 140 euros you paid at the time of placing the original order will suffice.

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