The Samsung Galaxy S22 could have the best zoom ever seen on a smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature an improved periscope camera with continuous zoom, under-display front camera, and AMD graphics.

When Samsung has not yet introduced the latest member of its Galaxy S21 range, a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE that will begin to be manufactured in July, the first "reliable" information about its new franchise terminal is already reaching us, a Samsung Galaxy S22 that it could have the best zoom ever seen on a mobile terminal.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra-cover

Unveiled the first details of the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Revealed some of the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22

As we can read in the specialized media SamMobile the well-known filter Ice universe has revealed that the most advanced terminal of the new Galaxy S22 range, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, will have a periscope camera with continuous zoom.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will not be the first mobile to use the brand's 200 megapixel sensor

The most advanced terminal at the photographic level of the Korean brand to date, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a periscope zoom system that has fixed lenses, so that the terminal has to use a cropped image from the main camera or use an intermediate zoom lens (2x or 3x) before the periscope does its job.

But now Samsung has developed a continuous periscope zoom technology in which lenses can move freely, in a range that goes from the 3x to the 10x, thus achieving great sharpness and high quality at all magnification levels.

Remember that the Sony Xperia 1 III also has a camera with periscope zoom, but this only has two levels of native zoom, 3x and 4.4x.

This is what it costs to make a full Samsung Galaxy S21

In addition to this camera with continuous periscope zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will present two important new features.

First, this terminal will have a front camera under the screen, thus leaving the panel free of any perforation and, secondly, the processor chosen to move this terminal, the Exynos 2200, would arrive accompanied by a GPU signed by AMD, which promises to be more powerful than the one mounted by the processor Apple A14 Bionic.

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