The reason why WhatsApp only follows an account on Twitter

Why does WhatsApp only serve a coffee shop on Twitter?

Despite not being the best instant messaging app, the truth is that WhatsApp is the most popular tool of this style.

It came at the right time, the one in which you had to pay for SMS and offered to all users of smart devices the ability to chat with all your contacts completely free of charge.

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In this vein, if any of you is a regular on social networks and more specifically on Twitter, You will have noticed that the official WhatsApp account only follows an account called Red Rock, a coffee shop located in Mountain View. Nothing from other tech companies, nothing from influencers. Just to a coffee shop. Why?

Why WhatsApp only follows a coffee shop on Twitter

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WhatsApp was created in a coffee shop

Before Facebook bought WhatsApp for billions of dollars, the app was a tool like any other. A small start up that, as happened with Google or Apple, originated from a rather humble place.

WhatsApp was not born in the bosom of a great company, if not between the tables, chairs and the coffee aroma of a cafeteria. Indeed, this place is called Red Rock Coffee and it is located in Mountain View. Hence, it is the only Twitter account that WhatsApp follows in said social network.

The anecdote was told in 2016 by the cafeteria itself, stating that the WhatsApp code was created between coffee and coffee. Curiously, the developers of the messaging application must have loved this site and they promised the owners of Red Rock that their headquarters would never move more than two blocks away from the premises. That would of course be before Zuckerberg arrived with the tickets under his arm.

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