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The most complete application to listen to radio, podcasts and music anywhere and without interruptions.

Nowadays, accessing the internet is something that most can do and in a very simple way. However, for some years the access to entertainment platforms it has been restricted, setting limits and controlling consumer decisions as much as possible, as happens with music. In some cases the solution is a one-time payment, but in some others there is no choice but become a subscriber more of these entertainment monsters.

The constant competition and the need to generate profits, makes the big companies streaming music, radio and podcast platforms pressure consumers to switch to paid models, making music selection impossible, overriding podcast downloads, and bombarding ad content every second.

Audials PC

So if you belong to the world of radio, podcast and music lovers you have to try this fabulous free stream app and no ads. The best thing is that with it you have a world of benefits to discover, which you will surely love.

Why is Audials Play so fascinating?

Audials Play is a completely free radio and podcast application and free of commercials, with it you also have the possibility of recording entire broadcasts on demand or songs separately, to always carry the music you like with you and listen to it at any time, even without an internet connection. With Audials Play you can easily find radios that play your favorite artists and also podcast about the topics that interest you, this thanks to a simple and efficient search function in the application.


With this application you have access to more than 100,000 radio stations around the world, which you can choose or sort in your favorites lists according to genre, country or just discover new suggestions of cool stations. Thanks to its extensive content you can find more than 260,000 podcasts and millions of episodes to enjoy your free time, but there is still more, you can record entire radio shows and individual songs to listen to later.

Variety of genres and very useful extras

If you have special tastes and a demanding ear, don't worry Audials Play It has 120 genres and thousands of radios for each one. To mention a few, if you are in love with Pop you have a wide variety of 25,000 radios, or if yours is intense music, enjoy 18,000 Rock radios and if in the end you decide to stay with Country, its 3,000 radios give you a world of songs to discover.

Audials app

So you never miss anything, record entire broadcasts of your favorite shows or save to listen to later the flow with automatic song separation. Do you want more?… With Audial Play, in addition to enjoying your favorite radios and podcasts, you will be able to enjoy these useful functions:

  • Cromecast
  • Radio clock
  • Sleep timer
  • Equalizer
  • Android Auto
  • Wireless music sync via Audials Anywhere

Simplify your life and enjoy endless music, radio stations and podcast episodes With Audials Play, all you have to do is download your application and enjoy great content without ads!

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