the National Police warns about this scam

A scam that we met about a year ago has returned with a different hook. We could call her the payment scam that is actually a collection because the deception is basically that: with any pretext, they tell us that they are going to make a payment to us through Bizum that we must accept, although what they will actually ask us for is a charge.

This time the claim is not a supposed refund of Social Security, but the reservation of a product that a potential victim has for sale on the internet. A person who sold a car in La Rioja has been scammed through this practice, as he has reported to the Higher Police Headquarters of this autonomous community.

They notify us that they are going to make a payment to us through Bizum that we must accept, although what they will actually request is a payment

Attention with notifications from Bizum that are accepted

The Bizum app on a phone

The modus operandi this time, as we said, part of an advertisement. The alleged scammer contacted the person who was selling a vehicle expressing his desire to purchase it. A longing so intense that it carried the supposed buyer to offer a payment of 400 euros as a reservation, through Bizum, to the seller who had to accept said payment through this platform.

As in the case of the scam that supplanted the General State Administration, What the alleged fraudster does through Bizum is not send money to the buyer, but a request for payment of 400 euros. The objective is for the victim to accept the payment service notification without paying much attention, sometimes not even requesting the introduction of any code, and not realizing that what they are actually doing is sending the money to the other person.

We must be suspicious of these types of anomalous situations, pay close attention and try to confirm the veracity of what we are told

The next thing for Bizum will be payments with QR in physical stores: the company proposes its arrival for "the last two quarters"

The Riojan victim, when she realized what happened, tried to contact the alleged buyer without getting any response, so he immediately went to the police station to report what had happened.

It is likely that similar scams, consisting of the same objective that is to receive a payment through Bizum, are taking place under other pretexts and using other means of communication such as email, telephone, WhatsApp or text messages. For this reason, as we usually say before, deceptions like this or that of the now classic SMS scam, be wary of these types of anomalous situations, pay close attention, try to confirm everything that we are told before taking any action and, in this particular case, look at the notifications that we may receive and not accept lightly without being sure what we are doing.

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