the free and open source vector graphics editor arrives loaded with new features in its first update in a year

Inkscakpe has a new version, the iconic vector graphics editor that is free and open source, and also we can use in Windows, Linux and macOS, has released its first update in just over a year after the arrival of the historic version 1.0.

Recall that it took Inkscape 16 years to publish that version 1.0, the first in history with full support for macOS, to mention one of many new features and improvements of such a release. This time, the update is not that gigantic, but Inkscape 1.1 does arrive loaded with many interesting news.

Welcome to the new Inkscape

The first thing you'll notice, at least if you were already somewhat familiar with Inkscape, is that a new welcome screen has been added. But this serves for more than saying hello, offers multiple quick settings to start using the application according to our needs.

That screen has three tabs: one where you can adjust the appearance of Inkscape, another with links to learn how to contribute to the project, and one where you can choose the type and size of the document you are going to create (with a wide variety of image and video options).

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Once you start Inkscape, the most prominent list of new features includes:

Outline Overlay Preview 6qgntj9

  • A command palette that opens when you press the? Key. and that allows you to find and use many functions without having to use a keyboard shortcut or navigate through menus.

  • It is now possible to copy, cut and paste parts of paths with the Node tool.

  • The dialog docking system has been rewritten, which solves many problems with Inkscape's docked dialogs and now allows dialogs to be docked anywhere on the screen.

  • New "Outline Overlay" mode shows the edges of objects at the same time as their real colors.

  • Preference options are now easier to find using the new search field.

  • It is no longer necessary to remember to click "Export" in the PNG export dialog, as the export will take place after clicking "Save" in the file selection dialog.

  • Export as JPG, TIFF, optimized PNG and WebP directly from Inkscape.

  • When pasting a copied object, Inkscape now pastes it directly onto the currently selected object by default.

  • An extension to update extensions and install additional extensions, called the Extension Manager (currently in beta).

Download | Inkscape 1.1 for Windows, Linux, or macOS

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