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The 'Fortnite' of Final Fantasy begins its tests on Android with a previous registration

One of Square Enix's most anticipated mobile games begins registration for its closed trial period: Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier starts is about to compete with other established Battle Royale, such as PUBG or Fortnite. The game, which will start the fighting on June 1 in the United States and Canada, already has the previous registration active.

The type games shooter in which you have to kill an extensive group of 'real' players have been in fashion for a few years, not in vain titles like PUBG, and then Fortnite, captured the attention of PC users, console users and, of course It could be otherwise, it also captivated smartphone owners. Little by little, many well-known smartphone sagas went through the Battle Royale format. And soon it will be the turn of Final Fantasy, The First Soldier is on his way to the nearest touch screen.

A Battle Royale set in the Final Fantasy universe

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is one of the two mobile games set in the franchise that Square Enix is ​​developing for this 2021. After the relaunch of Final Fantasy VII, the most popular chapter of the entire saga will reach mobile phones in a totally different format.

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Set in Midgar thirty years before the events of Final Fantasy VIIIn The First Soldier, a multitude of players will compete online with a huge arsenal of weapons, spells, vehicles and even Chocobos at their fingertips. What do you want to annihilate your enemies while riding one of these creatures? Soon it will be possible.

The closed testing period officially starts on June 1, 2021. That will be the date for the start-up of the servers; who will welcome the first players, at the moment Americans and Canadians: Citizens of both countries already have pre-registration open in the Google Play Store. As these tests go, Square Enix will take note to adjust the game for its international launch before the end of the year.

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier

The safest thing is that there is the possibility of accessing the tests from other countries through VPN and the relevant APK, although we do not know if it will finally be possible: at the moment there is no trace of the files. Square Enix will choose the first participants among all those who can sign up for the previous registration and have an Android 7.1 or higher mobile with enough power and, at least, 3 GB of RAM.



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