The Digital Green Certificate will finally come into force on July 1 (but will not guarantee free mobility within the EU)

A month ago, the Government of Spain assured that the Digital Green Certificate, formerly also known as 'health passport', it would be ready for June, in time to save the summer season. Remember that this certificate certifies that a person is free of COVID-19 for

  • Have been vaccinated against the disease.

  • Have undergone a PCR or antigen test.

  • Having recovered from the illness.

Thus, when a person meets one of these three requirements, they can use the Digital Green Certificate to "travel easily throughout the territory of the European Union" ... with some nuance that we will see below.

Well, there is still a month to go to June, and the government has already announced, during a presentation at Fitur (the International Tourism Fair), that the certificate is "ready", and that it is even working together with the European Commission to be able to extend it to third countries "through connection with the European Trust Framework".

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has described this as "successful European cooperation", since

"It has been possible to coordinate the 27 different health and technological systems, and to approve in record time a European regulation that under normal circumstances would have taken around a year."

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It neither 'saves' the whole summer nor does it guarantee mobility

However, just because it is "ready" does not mean that it will take effect immediately. In fact, it won't until July 1., with which we will have already lost the last week of June, traditionally considered 'high season' by the tourist industry.

This "simple and interoperable" document - in the words of Carolina Darias - will allow "open Spain to European mobility", since its holder will be able to use it to "travel easily throughout the territory of the European Union".

"Travelers will only have to pass their QR code through a reader and will no longer have to undergo any waiting or any control."

However, the aforementioned regulation does not contemplate a European mobility as open as the words of the minister convey, since any member of the 27 will still be able to impose restrictions with the only requirement to notify the rest of the countries within 48 hours.

In addition, when establishing such restrictions, countries may determine which certificate bearers are subject to or exempt from them.

And as if this were not enough, despite the fact that the certificate will include the vaccination with any vaccine officially recognized by any EU country (including the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Shinopharm, approved in Hungary), the rest of the countries will continue to be free not to recognize them as valid vaccinations, adding yet another limitation to the potential tourist.

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