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the business is not in technology but in accessories

Why doesn't an AirTag have a hole in its design? For you to buy accessories.

Neither iPhone, nor iPad nor Mac computers, the trendy gadgets of the bitten apple are the AirTags. Presented on April 20, it is a new product designed to avoid losing such common objects as keys, purses, backpacks or bags.

But AirTags are not the first products of this style to hit the market. Before Apple entered this sector, other firms such as Tile or Samsung itself also tried. All these devices work more or less the same way, although Apple's have a considerable difference, have no hole in their design.

Why does it make no sense for you to buy AirTags if you have an Android mobile

Is this important? Well, more than you can imagine. Remember, we are talking about Apple and they have studied everything.

That AirTags do not have a hole is no coincidence

Apple AirTag on Android

Why doesn't the AirTag have a hole?

The Cupertino company can be criticized for many things, but that they are experts in marketing cannot be doubted. We say this because even a design as simple as that of an AirTag it is quite careful and above all, studied to the millimeter.

If we compare it with the alternatives of Tile or Samsung's SmartTag, we realize that all three products are similar in size (although Apple's is the smallest). Now, while the Tile and the SmarTag have a hole in their design, the AirTag does not and everything has an explanation: the accessories.

Apple knows that the AirTag is going to be a bestseller. It is a new product and above all "cheap" by Apple standards. For 35 euros we have one and for 120 euros we can buy a pack of four. On the other hand, it has been sold to us as an essential product for users of the bitten apple, so we are sure that not a few will be sold.

And here comes the thinking mind of Apple. The AirTag itself can only be inserted in a backpack or purse but if we want to attach it to keys, for example, we will need to buy accessories. The Tile and the SmarTag have a hole with which we can insert them into any keychain or lanyard that we have at home, which is not the case with the AirTag.

Apple AirTag with accessories.

The AirTag has become one of Apple's most popular products.

If we want to use the AirTag with keys we will need an accessory and here Apple knows that it will be able to earn a lot of money. Because although today there are already hundreds of accessories for AirTags on Amazon or even AliExpress, official Apple accessories are the favorites of its users. And be careful, because the keyrings cost more than the AirTag itself.

We have already revealed that the price of the AirTag is 35 euros or 30 if we buy the pack of four. As well, official accessories start at 39 euros, a price higher than that of the locating beacon.

In conclusion, that the boys of the bitten apple have it all studied. So if you plan to purchase an AirTag for 35 euros, You know that you will also have to add the price of the official keychain if you want to use it on some keys. Or buy one of the hundreds of imitations that already flood the network.

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