the best of the Galaxy S21 in a cheaper smartphone, where will Samsung put "the scissors"?

How could the future look like Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

Samsung is today the most important mobile phone company in the world and This award has been achieved on his own merit. Not only are its high-end phones spectacular, but also its mid-range has managed to win over thousands and thousands of consumers from all over the world.

One of the most popular smartphones of 2020 was the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, an exceptional terminal that shows that It is not necessary to pay 1,000 euros to have a smartphone that complies in every way.

Now, a few months after the launch of the brand new Galaxy S21, it is the turn for the South Korean brand to move and present your new Galaxy S21 FE. On this occasion, which section will Samsung cut to once again offer the best value for money on the market? According to SAMMobile, in all of this.

How could the future look like Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

Fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE screen

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is one of the best terminals of 2020

After the resounding success that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE reaped, it is logical that the Korean firm is committed to following the line. Obviously it will not have the same specifications as an S21 or S21 Ultra so, Where will Samsung put the scissors this time?

As for the section of the screen and since the previous model had a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the logical thing is to think that the S21 FE will also have it. However, this refresh rate is almost certain to be fixed (or 60 Hz or 120 Hz) and not adaptive, technology that the current S21 range does have.

Entering to assess the photographic section, this S21 FE should not have 8K recording either, something that honestly shouldn't matter to most Android users. In the same way, we could also expect a lower quality selfie camera than the S21 range.

Inside this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, We could have a 6 GB RAM (in its basic version) to the detriment of the 8 GB of its older brothers. The difference between the two figures is not so much for normal daily use and could save costs for the South Korean firm. Of course we would not have access to the microSD slot either and the back cover of this device would be made of plastic, no glass or glass.

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In short, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would follow in the wake of the previous year's S20 FE, that is, that of being a high-end with certain cuts to be able to sell at a lower price in the market.

Despite all this and as long as the predictions and rumors are fulfilled, the S21 FE would become one of the best options of this 2021, a terminal with many high-end aspects but with a very interesting price for almost all pockets. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action!

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