the best applications to watch it on your mobile for free and live

NHL lover? Don't miss the latest events and matches live with these mobile applications.

For those who are passionate about ice hockey online, there is a wide variety of mobile applications where you can enjoy live and direct matches, either from your mobile or tablet.

The mobile apps to watch sports online have been designed so that you can enjoy football, basketball, baseball, tournaments, news and, of course, the NHL and others from anywhere using your mobile.

Now if you want to see the latest broadcasts, live matches, online ice hockey championships totally free, this article can help you.

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Best applications to watch hockey online for free

  • theScore
  • NHL
  • SofaScore
  • LiveScore
  • LaLiga Sports TV
  • CBS Sports
  • HockeyTV
  • Yahoo Sport

These are the best apps you can download on Google Play and stay up to date with the latest events and game results.



One of the most popular applications for mobile devices is theScoreFrom live sporting events, information and important news you can enjoy thanks to this app. So if you want to enjoy matches, replays and review the last minute results, theScore it is a good alternative.

With this tool you will be able to keep abreast of events related to Football, MLB Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, NBA Basketball, WWE Wrestling, NFL American football and even NHL hockey. All the content that interests you from your favorite teams in one place and totally free.



In NHL you will discover everything related to hockey

It is one of the official applications to see free online hockey from your mobile device. It is responsible for offering users everything related to hockey, games, league news, videos, promotional content, live broadcasts and more.

In addition, you can enjoy the radio transmission from the comfort of your car while you are moving somewhere, and last but not least, you can watch archived games from past seasons for you to catch up. It is available in several languages ​​and you can access NHL Premium for € 2.99 per month or by € 19.99 per year.



If you have missed the results of an important match of ice hockey online, do not worry. Thanks to SofaScore you will have up to date the results and statistics of all live sports. And not only that, but you will also have the last News, scores, live matches, strengths and weaknesses of the players and much more.

And if you thought it was an exclusive app for Ice Hockey, you're wrong. With this platform you can see other sports events What Football, Baseball, Rugby, table tennis, Beach volleyball, Motorsport, among others. The application is available on Google Play and with it you can follow different sports and competitions.



The latest results and live sports action with LiveScore

If you want a mobile application that keeps you up to date on sports matters, LiveScore is the ideal option for you. This pocket tool offers you live notifications, favorite leagues, competitions, LiveScores ball tracking, match statistics, news, tables and calendars explicit Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and, of course, Hockey.

And it is that when it comes to hockey, the platform offers the latest updates, real-time results and sports data from national and international leagues (USA, Canada, Europe and NHL).

LaLiga Sports TV


On LaLiga Sports TV you will see live and HD videos of your favorite sports, since it has been developed so that you do not lose any detail of the sports world.

Among the sports that you can watch with this application we highlight Indoor football, Tennis, Golf, Billiards, Handball, Boxing, Basketball, Hockey matches and highlights online. And as if that were not enough, you will be able to see the streaming events totally free from anywhere.

Also, if you want to enjoy these events on the screen of your Smart TV, it is possible connect your mobile to a Chromecast and see it in Ultra HD quality.

CBS Sports

Other top apps to watch sport online and what could not be missing in this list is CBS Sports. This chain is in charge of offering reliable results, live broadcasts, news, videos, betting tips and the best moments of your favorite leagues.

With this software you will not miss any transmission of sporting events, broadcasts of study programs and main sports What Basketball, Baseball, Women's Football, American football, FIFA Soccer, NHL Hockey, NWSL Boxing, PGA Tour Golf and much more.


HockeyTV to watch ice hockey online

HockeyTV to watch ice hockey anytime

HockeyTV is an application that allows you to view from your mobile games that cannot be found in other portals related to ice hockey and even images, teams, hundreds of elite fan leagues and favorite players.

Although not very popular, it offers more than 20,000 live streaming games and more of 100,000 ice hockey action games, unlimited visualization and chat included under an extremely modern interface adapted to your requirements.

Yahoo Sport

Yahoo Sport to watch hockey online

Receive live sports news and results with Yahoo Sport

With Yahoo Sport you can receive news, results, summaries, updates, scores, games live and direct. A totally complete tool for those who enjoy sports and especially if they are lovers of the ice hockey online.

Thanks to Yahoo Sport you will be able to be aware of events of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and more. In addition, the platform includes a fun game where you can make your predictions and earn real money.

As you will see, enjoy a game live and watch ice hockey online It is very easy thanks to this collection of the best applications for Android. If you liked this article, don't forget to take a look at these 9 rugby games to download on your Android smartphone, or better yet, check out the best games you can play without Internet or Wi-Fi for Android (2021).

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