The best 7 high school and college series on Netflix and HBO

Have fun with these high school or school series from Netflix and HBO, there is something for everyone.

There are intense series that make you think and others much lighter that serve to have a good time. Although both have everything you need to entertain you, sometimes it is preferable to see something youthful if you are looking to relax in front of the screen. For this same reason, today we will tell you what they are the best 7 high school and college series from Netflix and HBO.

The best Netflix action series

Student life is full of loves, disappointments, laughter, tears and unforgettable situations. Did you want to remember those moments? Then do it with one of the series that appear in this list. There are of all kinds and for all tastes!

best series high school netflix hbo

The best high school or school series on Netflix and HBO

7 high school and college series from Netflix and HBO that you will love

You can be sure that all the series that appear in this article have what it takes to hook you from the first moment. You alone take care to choose one that suits your style and looking for the perfect place to relax and watch it. And if you wanted something to laugh in a big way, you better take a look at any of the best 8 comedies and series of laughs of Netflix.

  • For thirteen reasons
  • Riverdale
  • Elite
  • Glee
  • Sex education
  • Euphoria
  • Deadly class

For thirteen reasons

It's impossible to talk about Netflix high school and school series without mentioning Thirteen Reasons Why. We are talking about a production that scored millions of viewers for its central storyline and because of the way in which it deals with a subject as sensitive as that of suicides.

In the first season you will follow Clay Jensen, a teenager who discovers the sound tapes that his friend, recently deceased, has mysteriously left him. In them he explains the reasons that led him to take his own life, alluding to both students, teachers and his inner circle. As you may be imagining, this is a heartbreaking but interesting story at the same time.

  • Year: 2017.
  • Seasons: 4.
  • Chapters: 49.
  • Average duration: 60 minutes.



This series chronicles the strange events of Riverdale High School, place where Archie has a love triangle with his life-long best friend and a new student at the school. As if that were not enough, the corpse of a student appears raising suspicions within the entire community and creating mystery in the environment.

Riverdale combines suspense, drama, romance and tons of surprises that will leave you hooked on the series. But if what interests you the most is the subject of love, better take a look at the list of the best romantic series on Netflix. You will surely love one of them!

  • Year: 2019.
  • Seasons: 5.
  • Chapters: 86.
  • Average duration: 45 minutes.



Elite is one of Netflix's most popular high school series. In it you will see how some working class boys get into the wolf's mouth, which is nothing less than an exclusive high school, and face a mysterious murder and a nasty class struggle.

Although in Elite various adolescent clichés are shown, at the same time other very progressive topics are presented that are not normally dealt with in this type of series. Thanks to this, we are talking about a popular series on this streaming platform that has been successful in all parts of the world.

  • Year: 2018.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Chapters: 24.
  • Average duration: 50 minutes.



Glee is one of the most popular series of the past decade. In this musical series, you will see what life is like inside the McKinley Institute and you'll be part of a misfit club called the Glee Club. With the help of a special teacher, the happiness and self-esteem of these students will increase in an incredible way.

Glee is a Musical and youth comedy that will make you laugh, sing and dance from the first season. If you like music and were looking for a way to relax, then Glee could be the perfect series for you.

  • Year 2009.
  • Seasons: 6.
  • Chapters: 121.
  • Average duration: 40 minutes

Sex education


If you were looking for a good series that takes place in a school or an institute, Sex Education is the perfect alternative for you. Thanks to your teen themed, the way he treats sex and different common problems so comically is, it is an excellent option if what you wanted was to clear your mind for a while.

When you see how it is the friendship between Otis and Eric or the relationship with Maeve you will come to sympathize with people and with each of their lives.

  • Year: 2019.
  • Seasons: 2.
  • Episodes: 16.
  • Approximate duration: 50 minutes.



Euphoria is a series starring Zendaya that stands out for the tremendous performance of the young star and the themes covered in each chapter. Superstar Zendaya stars in this HBO series that tells the story of a group of high school students living in a world laden with drugs, sex, identity problems, trauma, social networks, love and friendship.

If you wanted to see a short and interesting series from start to finish, Euphoria has everything you need to entertain you for a whole day. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at any of these 6 good series with a single season that you can see in a weekend.

  • Year: 2019.
  • Seasons: 1.
  • Episodes: 9.
  • Approximate duration: 50 minutes.

Deadly class


Deadly Class is a series that takes you back to the 80s and tells you about the life of a teenager who starts studying in a notorious school of assassins. Yes, a school of assassins and a normal institute like those of the other series that appear in the list.

The protagonist will look for a way to uphold your moral code while working on your ruthless resume: Being part of violent social groups and facing adolescent uncertainty can be fatal. What is the result of all this madness? A series that will hook you from the first chapter.

  • Year: 2019.
  • Seasons: 1.
  • Episodes: 10.
  • Approximate duration: 40 minutes.
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