The 12 countries in which, right now, Xiaomi is the best-selling brand

After surpassing Apple in a record quarter, Xiaomi boasts of leading the mobile market in these 12 countries ... Including Spain!

Xiaomi continues its expansion jumping from record to record, signing more than positive figures and even allowing itself to surpass Apple as the second mobile manufacturer in Europe, after a first quarter of 2021 that still hid more celebrations for the Haidian giant.

In fact, it is that as they told us from GizmoChina, an executive of the company has announced on social networks with an image that Xiaomi already leads the mobile market in up to 12 countries different globally, and not only in Europe but in different markets.

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From record to record, Xiaomi is already leading the mobile market in these 12 countries.

In fact, it was his own Lu Weibing, president of the brand in China, who has boasted on Weibo of his number 1 in the first quarter of the year in these countries, sharing the news with his fans and including a small infographic with the flags and the anniversary.

Xiaomi already sells more mobiles than Apple in Europe, doubling its numbers in just one year

These markets where Xiaomi has triumphed above all are Spain, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Myanmar and Colombia, making it clear that Eastern Europe and India are a huge mine for the brand, like the important Spanish market where Xiaomi reigns among the most compensated mobiles in price and performance.

To put us in situation, Xiaomi has been a leader in Eastern Europe for the last two quarters, consolidating the results of the end of 2020, and it is that third brand very close to Apple in Western Europe. Speaking of Spain, there are now five consecutive quarters that consolidate a Xiaomi that inherited the role of Huawei as a reliable and quality Chinese brand.

Xiaomi leads the market in 12 countries

The image published on networks by Xiaomi, boasting of its leadership in 12 market.

There is no infinite growth but the roof of a Xiaomi is not noticed either that he continues to eat a larger part of the cake each time, especially after his efforts in an international expansion which has led them to open numerous official stores in Spain and other markets, offering not only smartphones but products of the most varied both electronic and other segments.

Not even the pandemic has curbed the voracity of Haidian's firm, which enjoyed a 2020 pointing up in the midst of a global contraction, preparing to face now 2021 with even better expectations and figures as you see impressive ... Where will Xiaomi stop?

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