Synchronize your computer's clipboard with your Android mobile and vice versa with the powerful OnePlus application

Email and instant messaging platforms They are the preferred way of most to transfer files, links or texts between a desktop device and a mobile device or vice versa. A need that those of us who use computer and telephone interchangeably and throughout the day have numerous times.

Doing it this way is practical up to a point, also fast ... although these apps They are not specially designed for this function as Clipt is, an application created by OneLab, the development group of the mobile device manufacturer OnePlus that seeks to provide solutions to its user community.

A multiplatform clipboard that easily connects the computer with the mobile and vice versa

Clipt, an off-road clipboard

The idea of ​​creating this all-terrain clipboard that works between different types of devices and platforms, arose by chance when in a meeting with users they needed them to transfer something from their phone to their computer. That anecdote, and seeing that each person used a different method, invited them to create a solution to the problem.

This is how Clipt was presented this Monday both as an application for Android devices, as an extension for Google Chrome that synchronizes a kind of common clipboard that Google Drive uses to store text, links and files, such as photos or videos that we can transfer from one device to another.

To transfer files, we must install the application on our mobile device and the extension in the browser. Once done, we will have to log in with our Google account and give Clipt permissions so that it can access Google Drive, save the information there and make it available on the rest of the devices that we have synchronized.

Clipt uses our Google account and Google Drive storage to work, although we should not fear a saturation of the storage space because the service deletes the oldest copied items

Explanatory image of Clipt functionalities

Copy Space: an app to synchronize files and clipboards between Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

On the mobile, we can copy text, lower the notification curtain and choose Send in which to appear from Clipt so that it is sent to your clipboard and is available, therefore, on our computer with Windows 10, for example. To share a file, we will enter the application, click on the symbol + and we will look for the file that we want to share.

On the contrary, from the computer, it is somewhat simpler. The texts or links that we copy will automatically be replicated from the system clipboard to Clipt. For images, videos and other files we will have to click on the icon of the browser extension, press the button Upload file and drag and drop or browse the folders on the computer looking for the file we want to copy.

To copy all that information, both in the case of the mobile phone and the computer, it will be enough to go to Clipt and copy what we want. It has no more mystery. Of course, we must bear in mind that not all the information is saved to infinity: the service preserves the last ten items so as not to saturate the storage in Drive.

Despite being available for Chrome, the extension will not work in other Chromium-based browsers, although from OnePlus they are working so that it can be used without problems. Also coming soon, if there are no changes, iOS will receive its own Clipt app.

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