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Here you have a varied selection of products to celebrate this special day with your loved ones.

This May 15 is not just any day, it is a day that deserves to be celebrated with your family. Why? Because it's him Family day, a celebration that aims to raise awareness about the important role of the family in the education and training of children from early childhood. Of course, we join this celebration with the best products you can buy to enjoy with yours.

The origin of this day dates back to 1983, the year in which the United Nations began to promote the importance of the family. Throughout the decade, the agency increased interest in raising awareness on this issue, until In 1993 the General Assembly proclaimed May 15 as International Family Day with the aim of "To publicize the issues related to families and reflect on how social, economic and demographic processes affect them".

That is the day we meet, today, May 15, so we are going to join the celebration of such an event telling you the main characteristics of those products that you can buy for the whole family and thus enjoy together.

Family day products

These are the best products you can buy to enjoy as a family.

Creative soundbar + subwoofer

Creative stage

Listen to movies in the best audio quality with this soundbar with subwoofer.

Series and family cinema moments deserve audio quality to match, so we recommend equipping your living room with this Creative brand soundbar with subwoofer. It's about a 2.1 speaker system, with a maximum power of 160W, accompanied by a subwoofer with powerful bass that will facilitate an immersive experience. To control its use, it has buttons located on the side for better access.

Smart TV with Android TV CHiQ

Smart TV CHiQ 42

This CHiQ Smart TV has 42 inches and Android TV.

The sound equipment is necessary, but it has to have a level company that ensures the best image when watching series and movies. A good cheap alternative is this CHiQ Smart TV with Full HD resolution and 42 inches, the perfect size to fit in your living room. It should be noted that this model has Android TV, so you can use popular apps like Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Spotify and even games, and also control their operation with your voice thanks to Google assistant.

Nintendo switch

nintendo switch

The best family moments can also be with the Nintendo Switch.

Another good product to celebrate this Family Day in a big way is the Nintendo Switch, which ensures fun moments, and also of rivalry, with your family members. In this case, we are talking about the 2019 model, with the Joy-Con in red and blue. You can connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV to enjoy the best games with company, for example, competing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races.

Electronic BBQ

Electronic BBQ

This electronic BBQ comes with the best accessories for cooking big.

The best moments with the family also take place at lunchtime, and nothing better than a good barbecue to spend this Family Day with a full stomach. This electronic BBQ has a non-stick coating so food doesn't stick, in addition to an adjustable temperature system. In addition, you will not have to spend hours and hours cleaning it to remove all the dirt, since its non-stick coating makes it easy to clean.

Echo studio

echo studio

Amazon's Echo Studio has 5 speakers with 360 sound

A powerful wireless speaker and a personal assistant, this Echo Studio is everything you need at home to listen to music with the best quality, as it integrates 5 speakers with 360 sound. The Amazon Echo is capable of detecting the characteristics of the space in which it is located to adjust playback and deliver the best sound. What's more, inside is Alexa, to which you can ask any questions, control other smart home devices and ask it to inform you about the weather and traffic in your city, among other functions.

The objective of our product selection is clear: have a good time with the familyWhether it's eating, watching movies, listening to music or playing on the console. That's what this May 15 is all about, enjoying all together.

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