Sony confirms that they are working to bring some of the PlayStation franchises to mobile

Sony has seen the cake at stake, hinting at some mobile titles based on classic PlayStation franchises for the first time.

Almost from the beginning of time we knew that smartphones and the world of videogames were condemned to understand each other, and the truth is that in a sea of ​​emulators and nostalgia it was logical that they were appearing classic and important titles adapted to mobile like Metal Slug, Pang Adventures or console games like Grand Theft Auto or Star Wars: KOTOR, among many others. The list is long and the quality is increasing.

In fact, it is that they later reached mobile platforms Illustrious firms such as SEGA or Nintendo, and later services such as GeForce Now, Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass did, to anticipate what we all expected ... Sony is finally considering landing PlayStation franchises on mobile platforms!

DualSense playstation 5 controller

The Playstation 5 DualSense controller can be used to play on Android phones.

Android Authority told us about it from not official or completely reliable information, but following a hint from Sony representatives, and the truth is that our mouths water because many times we have imagined which PlayStation games we would like to see on Android, and we have even reviewed all the PS2 games that have already landed adapted to mobile phones in the form of ports or similar.

There is no official information and only hints, but we have all waited a long time for Sony and its foray with PlayStation on mobile platforms.

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At this point the truth is that no one doubts that the PlayStation business is probably Sony's most buoyant, and perhaps this success is partly due to the exclusive games and sagas from your consoles, something that also works very well for Nintendo.

However, the Kyoto company ended up bringing Super Mario officially to iOS and Android, something that Minato still resists, but making eyes at smartphones as indicated by its managers:

Mobile devices are just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of players beyond our platforms. PlayStation has a huge catalog of titles that can transition to smartphone games and complement our AAA titles and online games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises, so stay tuned. Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Actually, yes, it is not entirely true that Sony has never been on mobile platforms, since Uncharted Fortune Hunter was released on Google Play 5 years ago, since then no other PlayStation game or franchise made an appearance neither on iOS nor on Android. Has anyone already thought of playing The Last of Us, Horizon or God of War from their mobile?

In addition, from Sony they also explore and prepare some movies and TV series based on PlayStation franchises, so it seems to confirm that they have indeed started the process to diversify and attract more income.

We only have to wait, but while we finish with the nails we have to ask you… What PlayStation games would you like to get your hands on on mobile phones?

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