So you can use Office Viewer, a new feature in Edge that allows you to view Word and Excel files in the browser

To allow users to access Office files from their browser, Microsoft offers an extension for Edge and Chrome browsers.

In addition to this novelty, Microsoft is integrating the "Office Viewer" component in Edge to allow you to view spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and documents directly in the browser without having to download them. The feature is available on Edge 92 Dev.

As the name suggests, Office Viewer in Microsoft Edge will allow users to open Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly in the browser. The function supports both Windows and macOS versions of Edge. It is currently in an early stage of development.

How to use the Office Viewer in Edge

In order to access Office files from the browser, you must be using Edge Dev version 92.0.873.1 or later. You should go to Settings and click on the option "Downloads". Activate the option

Quickly view Office files on the web with Office Viewer

Enable Office Viewer Setting In Edge Browser

Remember that when you receive an Office document attached to an email, it is common to download it and open it with the Office program installed on your computer. This, unless you use Google's Gmail or Microsoft's Outlook. If you don't have Office installed, you can search for available options online. With the novelty of Edge you can open the documents on the web with the browser.

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After opening them, the program also will offer you the option to download the document and also the PDF version. You can also decide to save it to OneDrive. If you want to stop using this feature, it can be deactivated in the same way that you activated it.

Difference of Office Viewer in Edge from Microsoft Office web browser extension

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Remember that Edge stands out for offering a series of extensions that can be very useful for various functions. One of these is the extension for Office.

The Edge Office viewer works only with Office files present on the web. While, Office browser extension opens files saved in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business or on the computer.