so you can request, if you meet the requirements, to be verified with the blue badge

Twitter, finally, recovers the profile verification. This Thursday is the day. About three and a half years after closing the form to request the verification of accounts after it was learned that he had verified profiles of supremacists and extremists, which is why Jack Dorsey went so far as to affirm that the validation procedure was "broken", the platform relaunches the verifications.

For the last few months they have been working on a new policy based on the feedback received by users and in the verification eligibility criteria that have already started to apply eliminating the blue badge from those accounts that do not comply with current enforceable standards.

Twitter retrieves profile verification requests and works to improve account identification

In November they announced the return of verifications for the beginning of this year and here we have them with new promises of "more transparency, credibility and clarity".

The blue badge is not for everyone

Blue Twitter verification badge

Although not everyone will be eligible for the blue badge. As they advanced at the end of last year, potentially verifiable users must be part of government institutions, companies, brands, organizations, news companies and journalists, the world of entertainment, sports and gamingas well as activists, organizers and other influencers.

This type of user, in addition, must comply with a series of specific criteria of each category contemplated in the Twitter verification policy Y have a full account. This basically means having a profile name, a picture, a confirmed email address, and a phone number. In addition, the account must have been active in the last six months and have a history of complying with Twitter regulations.

Accounts belonging to six categories are those that, at the moment, are eligible to request their verification by the social network

What is a verified Twitter account

However, these categories are only a first step. From Twitter they claim to be aware that not all the groups that probably wish to be eligible for the verifications are covered and state that they are considering introducing more typologies later this year, "such as scientists, academics, and religious leaders"

How can I get verified?

Twitter account verification request process

Twitter account verification request process. / Twitter

As a novelty, verification requests can be carried out directly from the tab Setting from our account. All users will be able to see this option over the next few weeks, although Twitter warns that it will be extended gradually "to ensure that we can review the requests properly."

After sending the request and its review, days later we will receive an email announcing the decision. If the answer is yes, the blue badge will automatically appear on our profile. And if we think that Twitter has made a mistake in the review of our application that has not granted us verification, we can carry out a request again 30 days after receiving the decision.

From Twitter they are working on new ways to designate different types of accounts, such as useful automated accounts or commemorative accounts

Automated Account Profile About

Thus, the information on automatic accounts or the 'About' section can be seen in the profiles. / Twitter

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Finally, the social network located in San Francisco has taken advantage of this important announcement to explain that are working on new ways to designate different types of accounts, as useful automated accounts, and they plan to introduce them in the coming months alongside commemorative accounts.

"We are also exploring improvements to the Twitter profile to allow people to express themselves better, such as a Facebook page. About"they add, saying they will offer more details soon.

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