so you can deactivate your account to recover it whenever you want

It is likely that you have found some reason for not wanting to follow on Instagram and that you are looking for how to delete your Instagram account forever, and that the network deletes your profile and your photo archive so that there is no trace of your presence. But there is another intermediate option, one that may allow you to think about it for some time, one that for all intents and purposes is like delete your account temporarilyYou just don't actually delete it.

We talk about the option that deactivate your account. A less drastic but equally effective method since deactivating your account all your content becomes hidden. For all intents and purposes, you stop having public content on Instagram but you can repent whenever you want and reactivate the account, recovering everything as it was. Or maybe some downtime will help you realize that you don't really want to follow on Instagram, and that you can unsubscribe altogether.

How to temporarily delete or deactivate your Instagram account

As we have said, deactivating your Instagram account causes a similar effect to deleting your account with the difference that allows you to regret. Once you have deleted your account forever there will be no going back, but you can always reactivate a deactivated account and continue where you were going at the time of the temporary blackout.

How to delete your Instagram account temporarily or forever

Now is when we tell you that, although you may not believe it, Instagram is a social network designed and created for the mobile that it does not let you deactivate your account from your mobile. As it is. In order to deactivate it, we have to go to the web and there enter our username and password to identify ourselves. Once there, we can unsubscribe, but not from the apps. Curious.

Edit profile

So, we begin our guide to temporarily delete or deactivate our Instagram account by going to the web, If we have not identified ourselves, we do it, and then we click on the upper right icon of the whole, which will reflect our profile photograph in a reduced size. Once the menu that will be shown is displayed, we choose 'Profile'.

Edit profile

We are already in our Instagram profile on the web so our next step is to click on 'Edit profile', a button that will appear right next to our username, above our count of publications, followers and followed. The next thing we will see will be our account information, starting with our name and ending with our gender. And at the end of everything we will have a button that reads'Temporarily deactivate my account '.

Deactivate Instagram Account

Now we just have to press it to go on to answer a small survey in which Instagram asks us why we deactivated the account. We will find options such as "I have created another account" or "I am concerned about privacy". Once we have chosen the option we want, we enter our password again in the next field of the form so that we can attest that it is us (we could have left the session open in a public browser) and we are not deactivating the account by mistake. Ready, you just have to click on 'Temporarily disable your account '.

Options when deactivating your Instagram account temporarily

Once we deactivate our Instagram account, the social network warns us that all the content has become hidden, and that the way we have to reactivate the account is to log in again with our username and password. Until then, all of our photos, comments, and likes will disappear as if they never existed.