so you can activate your additional verification

For a few years we have been able to consult all our browsing history, applications, locations and YouTube from the section 'My activity', where we can also configure automatic deletion.

Now Google has required to take advantage of the I / O 2021 event framework to add another layer of security to 'My Activity', launching a additional verification that forces us to identify ourselves to ensure that no one who has access to our mobile phone can access such personal information.

Additional verification of 'My Activity'

To add more protection to our history, we just have to access the 'My activity' website and look at the bottom for the new notice "More protection with Google". There we can activate additional verification to My Activity.

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Google More Protection

To activate the additional verification we will have to confirm our identity with the screen lock such as fingerprint, PIN or pattern, or enter our Google password.

After activating the additional verification, we will have to enter our fingerprint or password each time we want to consult our web or YouTube history from that section. For the location history, this protection does not work because it opens the chronology directly from the Google Maps application.

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