so you can activate it in the search engine

Google has spent months experimenting with enabling a dark mode in its results, but now it seems that the tests have been extended to many more users. The search engine has begun to offer activate the function with a simple button in the results or from the search preferences.

The new google dark mode It is not a function that is related to your region or language, in Genbeta we have tried changing these settings or even using a VPN to test from various locations, and we have not received the function yet. But if you want to check if you can use the dark mode, these are the steps:

How to activate dark mode in Google from the web

Google Search Dark Mode Scaled

If you are on your computer and want to test if you have Google's dark mode, you just have to go to and do a search. You may get a message saying "Dark mode is now available" next to a button to activate it directly.

This is how the social media specialist received the notification Matt Navarra, who shared from his Twitter what the message looks like:

If this message does not appear, you can also try from the search engine settings. As explained in MSPowerUser, if you click on the link to preferences At the bottom right of the Google home page, you can find a new Appearance setting to choose between dark and light mode.

Google Search Dark Mode 3 1536x1271

Changing your language or region will not affect whether or not this option appears in your version of Google. Neither does the browser you use. If you haven't gotten dark mode, the only thing you can do is wait for Google to extend the availability of the feature to more users.

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