so are the prices of the platform that arrives in Spain this year

HBO Max will launch in a few days - throughout the first week of June - a new version of its service in the United States, called 'HBO Max with Ads', cheaper but with advertising included.

WarnerMedia, the parent company of HBO (which just a few days ago spun off from AT&T and announced its imminent merger with Discovery) announced on Wednesday that this new version of the platform will cost $ 9.99 per month, compared to $ 14.99 for the standard version.

The importance of this new option to expand HBO's market share

This new price 'notch' could help HBO Max to attract subscribers who are unlikely to pay the price of the ad-free version, the most expensive of all the big streaming services. Achieving that is critical for the company, which aims to at least double its number of subscribers in the next four years.

In the words of Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia, "Ultimately, we want to set the price in a way in which we are financially indifferent" to which modality the user chooses (with or without advertising). "Ours is a rapidly evolving industry and we are transforming with it."

This is how I save on my subscriptions to Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Prime Video and others to see everything I want while spending less

Both versions of the HBO Max platform will offer their well-known catalog of movies and series from Warner Bros., DC, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network, with the difference that the version with ads will not have access to simultaneous releases (streaming / cinemas) of the great Warner movies.

So, if we opt for this new version, will we see the episodes of Game of Thrones filled with the same commercials that we already see on TV? Not exactly: apart from the ads integrated in the user interface (banners), Ads inserted into display will only promote the rest of the HBO catalog.

What can we expect from your arrival in Spain?

The announcement of this launch is also important because it takes place months before HBO Max disembarks in our country. Nothing has been said yet about the arrival in Spain of HBO Max with Ads, but:

  • Kilar has not hinted at no time that this new bet is limited to the US only. (Quite the contrary, as it has been linked to the global growth of the platform).

  • As Xataka colleagues recently explained, the most predictable is the current HBO Max without advertising is implanted in Spain without a price increase Regarding the current HBO service subscription (without the 'Max'):

"Until the end of 2019, HBO Spain cost 7'99 euros, and this small increase [a los actuales 8,99] has been the only one who has experienced the service. Although Warner could decide to raise the price to bring it closer to the US rate, it is unlikely that it will miss the opportunity to publicize the service improvement without a price increase. In other words, a 'free' upgrade, which is possibly what happens. "

Knowing that, we can try to make a simple calculation: since HBO Max would be released in Spain for the aforementioned € 8.99 and that the ad mode will be released in the United States with a 33.3% discount with respect to the normal, that could suppose a 'premiere' price of the Spanish version of HBO Max with Ads of exactly € 6.

Of course: the US and Spain are different markets, and the motivations for setting prices vary. Hence the great price difference between HBO USA and HBO Spain, for example.

In fact, in the United States HBO Max with Ads will still be more expensive than Disney + and Netflix despite their reduction, when here those possible € 6 would place it as one of the most affordable options for streaming movies.

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