slam on Twitter anyone who has liked a tweet that you did not like

Imagine that you want to block from your Twitter account, in a single click, a large group of users who have ideas that are antagonistic to yours or who They can potentially share content that you prefer not to see. The MegaBlock tool has been created to allow you to block everyone who likes a specific tweet with content that may be insulting to you, for example.

The development of MegaBlock responds to the specific request of Mike Solana, vice president of The Founders Fund, in July of last year where he literally said: "I want a function called Megablock that blocks a bad tweet, the author of the bad tweet and all the people who liked the bad tweet, and then have a short alarm sound that makes your phone vibrate. "

The permissions that MegaBlock requests

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To carry out this function you must access the official website of MegaBlock, which asks for these permissions: see the tweets of your chronology (including protected ones) as well as your Lists and collections; view your profile information and your Twitter account settings; view the accounts you follow, mute and block; follow and unfollow accounts on your behalf.

You also give them these other options: update your profile and your account settings; post and delete Tweets on your behalf, and interact with Tweets posted by others (like, unlike or reply to a Tweet, Retweet, etc.) on your behalf; create, manage and delete Lists and collections on your behalf; and mute, block and report accounts on your behalf.

How to choose and limit who can reply to us on Twitter

As with the famous application that allows you to create your family on Twitter or "Family Tree" that was so fashionable a few weeks ago, the permissions that MegaBlock requests go beyond what is necessary to perform their functions correctly.

The firm that develops this tool is Gen Z Mafia "a community of young builders"(or builders).

How does it work

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Well, if you decide to give this application the aforementioned permissions, you can decide to block people en masse who have indicated that they like a "bad" publication. So, imagine that someone puts a xenophobic or misogynistic tweet and you defend totally contrary values.

As there is little chance that the people who give 'like' to that publication, can become people with whom you want to interact (in the social network or in real life), you can decide a massive block, and they will no longer be able to have access to what you post. To do this, you must include the URL of the "bad" tweet of the discord. And then confirm that you want that lock. Also you will automatically stop following all "these individuals" who have liked the post you are going to block.

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