Signal laughs at Facebook in an epic ad campaign that the social network has withdrawn

Signal clearly showed the enormous amount of data that Facebook collects from us, but only as long as it could.

At this point, no one is surprised since Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats are not encrypted until at least 2022, and that is the privacy of its users It is something that can be worked on in the long term according to the Menlo Park company, which also has half the planet in revolution due to its continuous massive data leaks and new Terms of Service that they intend to impose on us on WhatsApp and that have caused a mass exodus of users to alternatives such as Signal and Telegram on mobile platforms.

It was Signal, in fact, who has now come to the fore to laugh at Facebook with an Instagram ad campaign that clearly showed the huge amount of data that Facebook collects of us, something that, as Android Authority told us, has not made the Zuckerberg company too funny.

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Signal for Android, probably the most secure messaging service in the industry.

And we say this because ads were removed by Facebook almost instantly, once it was verified that this Signal ad offensive was personalized for each person who saw it showing the personal data of the profile prepared by Menlo Park in their social services.

Signal achieves the desired effect and jumps into the media by making fun of Facebook, after launching this curious advertising campaign on Instagram that customized a few simple ads with private information collected by Mark Zuckerberg's networks.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct chats will not be encrypted until (at least) the end of 2022

They say from Signal that their main motivation was not to increase their already growing mass of users, but simply highlight and make known to everyone the huge amount of data collected by our applications, especially by social networks that create profiles according to our use such as Facebook:

The ad that we devise would simply show part of the information collected about the user who uses the advertising platform itself.

Signal Ads Banned by Facebook

So read some of the Signal ads banned by Facebook, with the user's own personal data.

As you have seen, all the ads showed the same and simple format, indicating data such as the user's occupation, their location, their tastes and even their marital status, with surprising results for countless users who are not very restrictive when it comes to controlling the permissions and data granted to the apps on their mobile.

Shortly after launching the campaign, Signal's own developer reported on Twitter that Facebook had banned it, confirming that they had even disabled their account on the advertising platform:

Signal Ads Banned by Facebook

Facebook did not hesitate, which directly banned the entire Signal ad campaign.

In addition, they indicated in a statement that "Facebook is more than willing to sell and expose data about people's lives, and they should also inform people about how this data is used".

This news comes to add fuel to the fire on the open discussion between Facebook and Apple after the update to iOS 14.5, where Apple allows users to disable tracking and Facebook notifies them that this tracking allows them to have free services.

For now, from Menlo Park they have not talked about this case officially either, something that yes has made Signal public completing a successful media campaign which has also revealed the profiles that the apps we use create about us ... Be careful!

So you can download Signal for Android and keep it updated

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