Samsung bets on cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the latest update of its Galaxy phones

Samsung updates its app to manage our cryptocurrencies, Samsung Blockchain Wallet, making it compatible with hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano.

Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers worldwide that cares the most about innovate both in its products and in its software. Focusing on this last point, the Korean manufacturer has just reaffirmed its bet on cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the latest update of its range of Samsung Galaxy terminals.

Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Samsung bets on cryptocurrencies by updating its application to manage them, Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Samsung wants you to manage your cryptocurrencies from its application

The Korean giant has published a press release informing us of what's new in the latest update of your application to manage cryptocurrencies, Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

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To store the most commonly used cryptocurrencies today, such as Bitcoin or EthereumWe have two types of wallets, software and hardware. The latter are gadgets that have an encrypted storage with a series of controls so that we can save and transfer our cryptocurrencies.

Well, from now on the software wallet of the Korean brand, Samsung Blockchain Wallet, is compatible with the most popular hardware wallets such as The Ledge Nano X and Ledger Nano S. This means we can transfer cryptocurrencies between a compatible Samsung terminal (most current models are) and one of these hardware wallets via Bluetooth connectivity or via USB cable.

Android applications on a Samsung mobile

The first version of Samsung Blockchain Wallet arrived with the Samusng Galaxy S10

The second great novelty that this update includes is the incorporation of a news feed about the current situation of cryptocurrencies with articles from CoinDesk, one of the leading blockchain news outlets.

Since the first version was released with the Galaxy S10 back in 2019, this application has been growing in functions, coming to support some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including ERC tokens, Tron (TRX) and TRC tokens.

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This updated version of Samsung Blockchain Wallet is available for download from the Samsung app store, the Galaxy Store, and also in APK format through the APK Mirror platform.

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