Reface now turns any photo into a meme with new 'Wombo' animations

Applications to create video deepfakes are more fashionable than ever. Reface is not a new app, but its function for animate your photos into video memes, Wombo songs included.

This is how Reface joins the applications with which you can create funny videos with your face -or anyone's- without having to move a muscle: you put the camera and the application creates a video from it. In addition, the essence of Reface lives on: and you can put your face in another photo, and then animate it.

From photo to meme in a minute

Reface is an application whose main function is to put your face in short videos like animated GIFs. Since its inception last year, the application has improved its technology, the catalog of short videos ready for you to put your face. With the latest update the concept gets a little twist: you don't need to start from a video, you can create a video from any image.

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If you know Wombo, the concept is the same, although without being focused on songs. Instead, all kinds of memes, popular short videos and yes, the odd song are added. The difference with the "previous Reface" is that now you don't put your face on a video, you put the video on your face. Or anyone else you have a photo of.

Operation is as easy as ever. Basically, you have two ways to animate a photo: entering the animation section and uploading your own photo, or entering Swap & Animate, what first put your face in another photo and then, if you want, cheer it up.

In both cases, the available animations are the same. To this day, there are 44 animations to choose from including some songs, viral short videos, and movie quotes. You choose one and after a while you have your resulting video.


Although it depends on the photo and the animation, the result is quite good, similar or equal to what you would get with Wombo. When you have your video, you can save to mobile and share with other applications that support sending video, such as WhatsApp.

Reface: face swap videos / photos to merge faces

Reface: face swap videos / photos to merge faces

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