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Getting vaccinated makes you more attractive, according to the White House (No, seriously: Andy Lavitt, senior advisor to his COVID-19 Response Team, said it at a press conference on Friday). Or at least, that is what they have set out to convince Americans in order to promote vaccinations against COVID-19.

And for this they think to have the help of dating apps from the Match Group company (Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Chispa, etc.), as well as some of its biggest competitors, such as Bumble and Badoo. Among all of them, have more than 50 million users throughout the United States.

This initiative seeks to promote the objective set by the current Biden government of get 70% of adults in your country to get at least one dose of the vaccine by July 4 (They currently exceed 60%, but the rate of vaccinations is decreasing day by day).

Looking for a partner only among those already vaccinated?

The deal is simple: you agree to get vaccinated, and dating apps take care of give you free access to premium options ('super likes', 'super swipes' and functions like that) and greater visibility in searches.

What confinement didn't take away: dating apps are exploding with new types of dating

Almost all participating apps encourage users to share their vaccination status on their profiles (not just 'Vaccinated', also 'Waiting to get vaccinated'), in most cases making use of new badges to show it at first glance. Some of them, like OkCupid, will also allow look for a partner only among those already vaccinated.

Those in charge of OkCupid have made public the results of a study carried out among the users of their platform, which shows that people already vaccinated or waiting to be vaccinated receive 14% more 'matches' than those who do not plan to do so.

In the words of Ariel Charytan, CEO of OkCupid:

"While our members have continued to connect virtually over the past year, as summer approaches, their desire to meet again in person increases, so we want to help them make those connections safely."

In addition, some of these apps plan to adopt more proactive measures in favor of vaccination: for example, Tinder will show those who have not yet been vaccinated information on the closest places to do it.

Involving dating apps in a campaign like this is certainly unorthodox, but It is no rarer than other incentives that the US states are adopting.: Free hunting licenses in Maine, participation in a million dollar lottery in Ohio ...

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