Poparazzi is the new anti-selfies and anti-editions social network with which its creators want us to say goodbye to Instagram and its filters

The Poparazzi photo sharing app it reached the top spot on the App Store charts in the United States when it was launched on Monday following a beta test of TestFlight (according to the ranking published by Appannie). According to Protocol, it has managed to capture the attention of both teens and venture capital firms.

How does a photo sharing app - with all the ones out there - succeed so quickly? One of its main curiosities is that it does not allow sharing selfies. In fact, on their website they have been dubbed the "antiselfie club".

On the one hand, it is something like this, like going back to the Tuenti era, to the Facebook of its beginnings, to the photoblog, when selfies weren't fad (because pre-filter cameras did not make it so comfortable to take those photos so close up and that, in addition, they would turn out well).

Only photos of your friends

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The idea of ​​the application is simple: you only take pictures of other people, acting like the "Poparazzi" of your friends. Also, photos cannot be edited before posting; You cannot comment on the photos (although you can react with emoji); Y can't see other people's follower count (although you can see how many visits your "pops" have). Its creators believe that these characteristics that are closed here, can make the platform a healthier space.

In your profile, photos other people have taken and uploaded of you appear in the foreground, while the photos you have taken of other people appear in a secondary tab. The developers say that this platform is designed for "encourage authentic sharing of photos between friends", in an attempt to" make social media less self-centered and more about the people we care about. "

Available in Spain for iOS


Unlike other fashion apps like Clubhouse and Dispo, Poparazzi is publicly available and you don't need an invitation to register. Of course: only iOS users will be able to use it at the moment. And not only in the United States, You can also find it in the App Store in Spain.

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To attract new users he has a technique: when you upload a photo of someone who is not in the application, Poparazzi sends a text to that person telling him that a photo of him has been published. This from the hand of a very colorful presentation video.

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Its creators are the brothers Alex and Austen Ma, the directors of the TTYL firm who already have experience in social applications. Both have previously launched other applications (you can see them in the previous image), such as the TTYL audio social network, the Typo video text messaging application, YearBook, to virtually sign the yearbook of colleagues; and a Clubhouse-style application for schools, CampusFM.

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