OPPO shows a technological cover to control the TV, lamps or cleaning robots

OPPO has just shown the first case on the market with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Thanks to it, in addition to protecting the phone, we will have dedicated functions of the case itself, to control home automation devices in real time, as well as to make connections with other devices.

The case has three modes with different functions and has been officially presented through the company's Weibo account, showing how it is capable of controlling multiple home devices.

This is how a case works with UWB

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OPPO has presented on Weibo a new and curious case with UWB (ultra broadband) technology, which is becoming so fashionable in the high-end and in location accessories. The case has three modes: switch, control card and start.

The case has different modes: it is able to turn devices on and off, open their configuration settings and program routines for them

In control card mode, the cover opens the control modes for the device we want to control on the mobile. In the switch mode we can turn the device on or off quickly and the start mode allows executing different programmable scenes.


This case is designed to control home devices such as televisions, lamps, humidifiers and others, using the mobile as a remote control. Something similar to what infrared already does, but with much more advanced technology.


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Similarly, by having this UWB technology, the case can identify other UWB devices more accurately, something that further opens the door to future 'Airtag' from other brands. At the moment, the case has been presented in China for the OPPO Find X3 Pro, without news of whether or not it will reach the European market.

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