OPPO One-Touch, the world's first case with UWB connectivity to control your smart home

Already converted into the great agitator of the mobile industry, OPPO now offers us a case with UWB connectivity capable of controlling smart devices.

It seems that a OPPO He liked his new role as an irreverent firm, and now that we no longer have LG with his ideas, the truth is that it is appreciated that the Chinese manufacturer seeks differentiation through new functionalities, like the microscopic camera of your impressive OPPO Find X3 Pro or the one that will probably be the first rollable mobile on the market, an OPPO X 2021 that is already shown in prototypes.

The truth is that the good news is multiplying in Dongguan, because the growth in sales in Europe is tremendous and the announcement that their mobiles will receive up to 3 years of updates has raised the applause of the critics, just before showing us what it will be your next big innovation, in the form of a case with UWB connectivity (ultra-wideband) able to control smart devices directly, as they told us from GizmoChina.

OPPO One-Touch, first case with UWB.

From OPPO they propose us to control smart devices through UWB through their new One-Touch case.

We already know the new OPPO star accessory, and it's called One-Touch Phone Case Set including a cover and a tag "One-key ID" in your sales package, which unlike what it may seem not an AirTag or Smartag tracker but a control tag with a USB Type-C port for charging and a status LED.

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This tag features a magnetic surface that will allow it to be attached to any smart device that we want to control, making it possible that simply pointing the phone at the device and doing double click on the back of the cover, a configurable action is triggered.

The sleeve supports three modes of use, as a switch, control card or starter, being able to turn on or turn off devices, access multiple functions through one page of the Control Card or run preset operating profiles.

OPPO One-Touch, first case with UWB.

In addition, obviously, it protects the terminals of the OPPO Find X3 series and provides them with an additional special perception, arriving in a single color variant Galaxy Gray with a soft silicone finish, while the card will be available in two colors and two different materials.

The idea of ​​OPPO is that we can for example configure scenes in boot mode and for example turn off all smart home devices, such as light bulbs when we leave, simply by double-tapping on the mobile phone case.


For those who do not know it in advance, the UWB technology or ultra-wideband is a new wireless connectivity option that offers better location capabilities over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while being already present in the latest Samsung and Apple phones and allowing to offer location services for devices without the need for gastones GPS chips. In fact, it is the connectivity used by AirTags to identify itself, for example, at a short distance from other Apple devices.

They are not known for now prices and launch of this OPPO One-Touch case, which apparently at first will only be compatible with the most powerful mobile in its catalog, a Find X3 Pro that continues to add options as one of the cutting smartphones premium most attractive of this course 2021 ... We will see if they are successful and the Chinese manufacturer expands its compatibility!

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