Only Apple users deny folding mobile phones, why is it?

IPhone users are not interested in folding phones ... for now.

Do you remember folding telephones? They have been on everyone's lips since Samsung presented its first model, the Galaxy Fold, and despite all the problems that these types of devices have, we will not deny that they are the future.

Because they have problems and many, that is the truth. But technology is evolution and innovation and we already know that if a brand does not innovate, it will be overtaken by the competition. Despite this and always according to a recent study by the British firm YouGov and echoed by SAMMobile, It seems that there is a type of user who does not want to see folding phones or in paint. Do you know who they are?

IPhone users don't want folding phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 outer screen

This is what the exterior screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like.

A foldable iPhone? While it is something the Cupertino firm appears to be working on (or not), its consumers want nothing to do with it. Because although most smartphone users are intrigued about what folding phones can offer us in the future, iPhone users prefer to keep what they have.

This study carried out in the United States reveals that although half of the users surveyed would be willing to buy a folding phone in the future, the other half who coincidentally coincide with iPhone owners are not interested in this technology.

folding iphonr

Most iPhone owners don't want to hear about phones

Now, knowing how iPhone and Apple fans are in general, it is evident that in the hypothetical case that the Cupertino company dared to launch a folding phone, this is not only sold as a real revolution if not, surely his followers would dare to say that folding smartphones are the best possible invention.

Be that as it may, the truth is that folding screens are far from being the market standard. These devices are not only quite expensive for the average consumer, but mobile operating systems are not adapted to this type of screen. As if that were not enough, there are many problems when using this type of device so spending 2,000 euros on them may not be a great idea today.

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