one of the lightest and most minimalist distros today

Bodhi Linux, one of the lightest distributions we can find, and an excellent alternative to install on computers with few resources, has just released new version: Bodhi Linux 6.0.

Although at the moment there is no official announcement on their website, they have already uploaded the images on their SourceForge page. This new version it is based on Ubuntu 20.04, that is, the latest version of extended support, and it is a big leap, since the previous version of Bodhi was based on Ubuntu 18.04.

New design, new desktop, new kernel

Bhodi Linux

The small team that works on this distro, led by Robert Wiley, and with whom we have spoken at Genbeta at some time, has taken more than a year to finalize this new version of Bodhi, and yes that It has arrived loaded with news.

In addition to changing bases, and updating to the Linux 5.4 kernel, Bodhi Linux 6.0 arrives with the Moksha desktop environment, a continuation of the Enlightenment 17 environment. They also have a new bootloader theme, new login screens, new design, new background, and new effects and animations.

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Bhodi Linux 1

In Genbeta we have tested the distribution in a virtual machine and the truth is that it works wonderfully even allocating very little memory and resources. By default it includes very little software so as not to overload, and only the most basic.

Chromium is the default browser, a minimalist text editor is included: Leafpad. The file manager is Xfce's Thunar, and a couple of apps from the Enlightenment environment such as the Terminology console and the Ephoto image viewer.

If you want a version with more software by default, you can download the ISO apppack which brings things like LibreOffice, GIMP, HexChat, Pidgin, FileZilla, Audacious, VLC, Kazam, and CherryTree.

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