On this website you can watch movies and series online without registration and without being shown ads

If the web is full of something, it is Playdede style sites to watch series and movies online. Every time one disappears, another appears, although not always offering the best experience (surely you have fled from those that are full of Suspicious links, abusive ads or circus level popups).

Although there is the option to download torrents, sometimes you do not want to have files on your computer nor do you want to have to go through the process of searching for each torrent and each corresponding subtitle. This is where a website like FlixTor can make you very happy, as it is a whole library of content to stream for free, with a very clean and well organized interface.

Everything you want to see direct from any browser and with subtitles

Flixtor Movies Series Online

Flixtor is an automated video search engine, what it does is scan all the streaming websites out there and gives you the best quality video you get. It does extremely well, and while you can only watch them in 720p, for many people it is more than enough.

The best thing about the web without a doubt is its interface and how well organized everything is. Once you enter all the content is in front and you can browse between movies or series. There are news and recommendations, each title has date, punctuation and description from IMDb.

How to use qBittorrent to find and download torrents without visiting any website

Even there are links to trailers on YouTube, information about the content, languages ​​in which it is available, seasons and episodes if it is a series, and until the broadcast date.

Another great advantage of this website is that remember in which position of the video you stayed and it marks you with a progress bar when you have already seen an episode, so as long as you do not delete the browser data, you will always have that information.

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