On this website you can download more than 100,000 illustrations and icons for free to use as you want

If you need icons or illustrations for any type of project, be it a personal or commercial oneIt is very likely that you will not be designing them yourself, but you will go to look for options on the web. In that case, one of the best you can get is Iconduck.

Iconduck is a huge library with more than 116 thousand icons and illustrations completely free and open source, and best of all, you can download them in vector format (SVG), no icons only in low resolution PNG that you can't use for much.

A paradise of free-to-use icons

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All the icons you find in Iconduck are free and can be used in both personal and commercial projects. However, not all of them have the same license, so It is possible that in some cases, depending on where you are going to use them, you must add a link and / or credit to give attribution to the author.

This is simple because all the icons show information about their original author, the type of license and are linked to a page where the entire set to which they belong appears. Many icons have CC0 licenses, that is, completely free to use without even the need for attribution.

The best websites to download free icons

Another great thing about Iconduck is that it has (is) a search engine, so you can search for any type of word to find what you need among its huge library of resources. There are so many icons that you can get one for just about anything.

If you don't know how to handle a vector image in SVG, converting the file to PNG, ICO, JPEG, or even WebP is very simple if you import it with a tool like Adobe XD, Pablo, Pixlr or Sketch. Although soon, In Iconduck they plan to offer this option of icons in different formats from the same website.