No, the first mobile brand to remove the headphone jack was not Apple

The first mobile without a jack was launched in 2012, not 2016, and that honor belongs to one of the most important Chinese firms today.

The iPhone 7 is popularly known as the first mobile without a 3.5mm headphone jack, a common absence in today's high-end phones. However, if we rely only on smartphones as we know them now, that title belongs to another terminal, the OPPO Finder, launched in 2012.

We make the clarification of contemporary smartphones because it is true that there is an older phone without a jack, the HTC Dream, launched in 2009 and with a sliding screen format. Therefore, if we focus on current format phones, thinner, with a large touch screen and without a physical keyboard, we can confirm that the OPPO Finder was the first to do without headphone hole. Let's learn more about this model that revolutionized the market.

OPPO Finder

The OPPO Finder was the first mobile without a headphone jack.

OPPO Finder and OPPO R5, two phones ahead of their times

Apple's iPhone 7 is often called the first smartphone without a headphone jack. However, it was not in 2016 when the first mobile with this feature came on the market, but a few years ago. Specifically, it was in 2012, date on which the OPPO Finder was officially presented. Yes, this was the first smartphone without a headphone space.

The OPPO terminal was defined at the time as the thinnest in the world, so its lower edge (6.65 mm) I had no room for the jack. In order to connect this accessory, users had to get an adapter connect your headphones to the micro-USB connector.


The OPPO R5 was launched in 2014, with an extra slim design.

OPPO repeated the same strategy two years later, presenting in October 2014 the OPPO R5, which also obtained the title of the thinnest mobile in the world. Its thickness was even smaller than that of the OPPO Finder, 4.85 mm, and it did not have a headphone jack either. However, the signature included in the box the adapter necessary.

Therefore, we can conclude that the medal of innovation in terms of the absence of the jack should travel to China and not the United States. At the moment it is not strange to find mobiles without this specification, far from it, but in 2012 it was a daring that was not always looked favorably upon.

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