Nine useful Telegram bots created by Spanish developers

Telegram, a priori, it just seems like an alternative to WhatsApp. Comparable, similar, without great additions, which does not provide any extra worthwhile ... until one discovers the world of bots. There it changes totally.

The bots are third-party applications that run within the platform functioning practically like one more chat. As users, we can interact with them by sending them messages, commands or other types of instructions, depending on their functions and how to use them, significantly increasing the usefulness of a simple instant messaging application.

Bots expand the possibilities and functionalities of Telegram turning the application into much more than just instant messaging

To sample the variety of bots available on Telegram to meet needs that we did not even know we had, below we collect nine useful and popular bots created by Spanish developers.


To track shipments

Telegram 2273 2020 05 26 17 08 41

Do you usually receive a lot of packages? Do you get a special order and want to track the shipment up to the minute? @MiTrackingBot is the solution.

This bot created by GoRhY allows you to track most of the orders we make through the tracking code provided by the courier company. Every 15 minutes, it checks if there are changes and, if there have been any, it informs us of them.

For players of League of Legends

Telegram 2278 2020 05 26 17 12 13

The bot for Telegram of League of Legends, developed by Edurolp, is designed to provide the players of this mythical title with all the information about it that they may need: available skins, new offers, rotations, summoner data, games ... All in one place and with a special keyboard, so it will not be so necessary to remember commands.

To moderate Telegram groups

Telegram 2288 2020 05 26 17 18 52

If you frequent Telegram groups with a certain entity, it is quite likely that you have come across BanHammer Bot, a moderation bot present in more than 25,000 groups with a handful of features available to keep the groups you moderate in good health And, incidentally, help you with personal matters such as finding out when an Amazon product that interests you drops in price. For groups, you have options like an automatic welcome, spam blocking, or rules antiflood. Very highly recommended.

To follow our favorite series

Telegram 2274 2020 05 26 17 10 30

Another very useful creation of GoRhY is @MisSeriesBot, a bot that allows us to subscribe to a series to receive notifications about new chapters and keep an agenda with the next episodes that we can see. Very useful for the most serial fans who love Telegram and not to depend on other applications; all centralized in Telegram.

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To obtain the recipe for the best cocktails

Telegram 2295 2020 05 26 17 25 55

Let's say you are in a group of friends preparing a party and it occurs to you that you could prepare some mojitos. Do you know how to do them? And some daikiris. You also have no idea? Well @Coctelesbot, created by @michyaraque, comes to the rescue. It is enough to mention it in a group or go to the conversation with him and select one of the various cocktails that he offers us.. Next, he will tell us a little about them, he will tell us what ingredients we need and how it is prepared.

To be the best class delegate

Telegram 2314 2020 05 26 17 35 08

If you are a delegate of a class and you have a group with your classmates on Telegram (or you plan to have one), you need to know this bot. @Delega_Bot, developed by IgnasiCR, promises to make your functions in the position much more bearable and effective by allowing you to control the calendar of exams and deliveries, manage the teaching guides and always keep the schedules in mind. Ideal to avoid the usual chaos of this type of group.

To set up a store through Telegram

Telegram 2332 2020 05 26 17 45 38

If you think you can have a target audience on Telegram and you would like to sell through the platform, @ElRastroBot created by @ rormeno75 shows us how you could do it. The idea, as the examples show, is to present the catalog of products by category to potential customers so that they can select the section that interests them. Once this is done, the bot shows the articles of that theme with images, characteristics and the possibility of buying them. An imaginative idea to use the platform.

To play the game of werewolves

Telegram 2339 2020 05 26 17 52 21

Telegram bots can also allow us to play and for example @Caperubetabot, a development by @ ganix93 and @TheEdenProject that offers us a complete set of the style of The werewolves of Castronegro. Given the particularities of its use, this bot has a support group in which to learn to play and configure this small application that will surely provide us with fun entertainment with friends and contacts.

To quickly access song lyrics

Telegram 2346 2020 05 26 17 58 40

Without leaving Telegram, the @LetraMusicalRobot bot by @ helg18 allows us to receive the full lyrics of any song. Using this bot is as simple as starting it and writing the artist separated by a hyphen from the song title. In seconds, we get the full letter. Simple and to the point, very useful for the most music lovers.

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