Netflix's most "random" feature finally reaches Android phones

If you don't know what to watch on Netflix and your thing was to zap on TV, take a look at the 'Play Something' function because you're going to love it.

If you are one of those I know They spend minutes and minutes of their free time deciding what to watch on TV or on Internet services. streaming like Netflix, Disney + or HBO, the truth is that the former have developed the perfect antidote to make a zapping of the modern era without complications or waiting.

In fact, it is that as the colleagues from Android Police told us, it seems that Netflix was quite aware of the enormous indecision of its users, so the funcionality 'Play Something' arrival to give us back our time while the service chooses what to watch automatically and intelligently.

Netflix's new Play Something feature

The new feature 'Play Something' from Netflix, this is the zapping of the modern era.

The idea of ​​Netflix is ​​that you do not miss that magic of stumble upon great film classics or the most legendary chapters of our favorite series, although they will do so by evolving that Shuffle Play they promised, now using AI and studying our habits to make it possible for the service can show us almost any content to suit the consumer, just by pressing the new button "Play Something".

Netflix has the cure so that you do not waste time in their catalogs, with a new function called 'Play Something' and that is something like a modern zapping to see random content.

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The new functionality is now available in the TV versions of Netflix, and is designed to offer any content from new releases related to our tastes until episodes that we have not seen from series started in our library.

Really use personalized recommendations, from a mode similar to what it would look like on the grid, but without having to move and waste time reviewing options throughout the catalog.


What's more, Play Something it is in various places on the interface, from the left navigation menu to below the profile name or between some rows on the home page, so that it is easily accessible.

And as if this were not enough, it is available on Android since the last update of the app in Google Play, appearing next to the profile selection menu, and activating an interface similar to that seen on televisions to switch between suggested movies, series and programs.

For now for mobile It has only appeared on Android and is not available on iOS, so we can say that, for once, it seems that on the Google platform we are ahead of the news from Netflix.

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