Netflix free for 6 months with the latest Yoigo promotion

This 6-month free Netflix promotion is associated with a 12-month stay.

Many fixed and mobile telephone operators in Spain are betting on offer several free months of Netflix in order to attract a greater number of clients from other companies and keep current clients.

The last to join this "fashion" is Yoigo, which has just launched a promotion thanks to which you can enjoy this streaming service free for 6 months.

Promo Yoigo Netflix

Yoigo gives away 6 months of Netflix with its television packages

With this gift from Yoigo we will save 71.94 euros in 6 months

Yoigo has just published in the latest issue of its digital magazine, corresponding to the month of May, that will give away his television package, Agile TV, and 6 months of Netflix to all those clients, both current and new, who hire one of its two most comprehensive mobile and fiber convergent rates.

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In this way, if we contract the rates Fiber + The AUGER 40 GB and Fiber + The AUGER GB infinite We have 6 months of the standard Netflix gift plan, which will allow us to enjoy the content of this streaming platform in high definition (HD) and we can also see it simultaneously on two devices.

This type of Netflix has a monthly cost of 11.99 euros, which means that the total amount that we are going to save with this promotion is 71.94 euros.

Agile TV Netflix promotion

Agile TV Premium with 6 months of Netflix as a gift

This gift applies to both Yoigo customers who are subscribed to Netflix and those who are not. In the case of the former, the operator of the MásMóvil group will give you a coupon for that amount, from which the amount of the plan they have contracted will be discounted each month.

In addition, if we contract the rate with unlimited data we will have access to the premium version of Agile TV which includes payment channels such as FOX, AXN, National Geographic or Viajar and more of 10,000 hours of content of all channels included in this TV package.

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An important aspect of this promotion that you should know is that entails a stay of 12 monthsTherefore, if we want to change companies before that period, we would have to pay a penalty for early cancellation.

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