More than a year later, Google Stadia incorporates one of the most anticipated functions

Google Stadia adds a search bar.

It is the company with the most important search engine in the world but it took Google over a year to add a search bar to Stadia, your video game platform in the cloud.

Let's be clear, Google Stadia works perfectly. When we use this platform it is not noticeable that we are playing by streaming and it is quite stable and with a more than acceptable performance. But one thing does not take away from the other and Google's attitude to Stadia is being more than questionable.

Is Google Stadia the best gaming platform for the uninitiated?

More than a year for a simple search engine? Speechless.

Google Stadia incorporates a search bar ... more than a year later

You will be able to play Stadia on Xbox very soon

Google Stadia already has a search engine.

Google Stadia officially hit the market in November 2019. We were able to test it in depth and although we liked its performance a lot, the problems with the Stadia platform were different.

A poor catalog, no communication from the Stadia team and even bad news such as the closure of their internal studies, all accompanied by the departure of Jade Raydmond, one of the top managers of Stadia.

Despite all this, the Stadia community remains loyal. But the question is, until when?

Stadia users have been asking for a search bar for months. Although at first the catalog of games were so scarce that a search bar was not necessary, the Google platform has already had a more than interesting catalog for a long time. Despite all this, Google turned a deaf ear to user requests to the point that it took more than a year to incorporate a search engine on the web.

That's right, to Google, the company with the most powerful search engine in the world it took more than a year to add a feature as basic as this.

Google Stadia

The Google Stadia controller in white.

In addition to this long-awaited search engine, other news will come to Stadia "soon" as we read in 9to5google. One of them will be to be able to play Stadia from the smartphone's own browser and not from the app. The other will be to be able to batch delete screenshots. Really complex features that have had Google engineers working around the clock without a break.

It is evident and despite the fact that it hurts many, cloud gaming is the future. The fact that you do not need hardware to enjoy video games is a great step forward and, honestly, Google has made a smart move by being one of the first companies to bet on this technology.

However, Google's marketing has been quite poor. Sometimes it seems that Stadia users are - we are - orphans. Because one thing is that the news to Stadia arrive slowly but surely and quite another is that functions as basic as a simple search engine take more than a year to arrive.

Despite all this, we are going to break a spear in favor of Stadia. As we have said before it works really well and if you don't believe us, You can create an account for free and try some of the free games that are available. Or better yet, try the next demo of the highly anticipated Resident Evil VIII Village.

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